Vaginal Probe - 3-Ring - 20x100mm - Pelvic floor training

Referentie 461011A
EAN 8719274281719

Pelvic floor muscle traing and incontinence treatment.

3-Ring Probe for Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation and EMG Biofeedback - Pelvic floor muscle training.

Size: 20x100mm.

Plug/connector: 2mm. female plug.

Latex free


Please note: to be used with a muscle stimulator or biofeedback device with 2mm pin-connector.


Vaginal Probe - 3-Ring - 20x100mm

3-Ring electrostimulation probe for pelvic floor muscle training.
The probe comes with round electrodes for greater tolerance of the intensity at the tolerance/efficiency threshold. The narrow shape allows for positioning in narrow anatomies, limiting apprehension from the patient and eliminating shock effects on movements of the electrodes.